Blogtober Day 26 // More for the Queue

I painted my nails before starting this and they’re still drying … not my smartest move.

But, yes, like the title says, I’ve got some more things up and ready for November’s scheduled posts, and not all of them are book reviews. I’ve got some things for face masks I picked up at Walmart, some things for nail polish (which is why my nails are wet with the stuff as I type), some things for the con I’ll be going to that month…

Lots of stuff coming, but probably  not for every day of the month. I don’t think I can do this whole daily post thing for more than one month out of the year. I like blogging, but thinking of something to say everyday is really, really hard. I’m just not that interesting of a person, I don’t have things to talk about every day. I do have things to talk about every week, though, so expect it on more of that kind of a schedule. I already mentioned this, but it’ll be something of a Monday/Wednesday/Friday deal, with more possible posts filtered in as I go.

I know bloggers are encouraged to find a specific niche for their posts, but really, I was never a “niche” type of person, so blogging about a single thing (be that books, cosplay, or other things) just isn’t what you’ll find here, and I know that will annoy some people, so I do apologize. I tried being just a book blogger twice in my life and it failed both times. I love books, but I have more to say, you know?

I’m even thinking about throwing games into the mix, since I also game quite a bit. But we’ll see about that one.

(Actually, I already made a post about Pokemon Go, so maybe I’ve already broached that wall. Whoops. Maybe there will be more?)

Anyway, plenty of mixed variety come November, with more possibly coming than is already planned. Have a Harley to wrap it up:

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