Blogtober Day 30 // Sia Concert Recap

This is slightly picture heavy, so beware if you click the ‘read more’ button!

So, like you probably know if you’ve been keeping up, I went to a Sia concert yesterday and, as my first concert, I found it to be really freaking awesome. I wasn’t up front or anything, I was in the first level of seating, on the upper parts, but since I was there for the music and not the performance (Sia doesn’t perform herself, she sings off to the side and Maddie, her dancer, performs along with a variety of other dancers whom I don’t know the names of–sorry to those people. I only know Maddie’s because there were a bunch of people there for her), so it didn’t bother me that I wasn’t right up there to see.

This, along with the fact I only had my phone camera, does mean that I didn’t get fantastic snaps of the stage and such, but the light shows were pretty awesome and I did manage to capture the idea of some of those. I meant to record a video or two, also, but I ended up being too busy snapping and singing with the crowd to get a video that doesn’t skew off to the side at some point. Oops.


This is the arena I was in. As you can see, I was pretty far from the stage, but that didn’t bother me.


This bit they did with the lights was always awesome. It came out pretty well on camera, too. 
So was this one. 
They also did this thing where they’d just blast a square of light from around the stage and pulsate it in different colors. I wish I had a video of it, it was really cool.
Pretty sure this is a different song from the previous, but the same square light idea is here, just in a different color.
You might recognize this one if you’ve seen the music video–Elastic Heart. No, Shia LeBeouf wasn’t there.
Another cool one with awesome lights. Honestly, they all had awesome lights.
Crappy picture, but this particular one–Diamonds–was so hard to catch on camera right because the light was so white and the rest of the area so freaking dark. This performance was really cool, though, because those specks of light on the screen back there are from the light reflected off of the jacket of the man in front there. His jacket was covered in pieces of reflective something and when he moved spots went dancing everywhere. Possibly my favorite of all the performances.
They also had screens on either side of the stage that showed a pre-recorded version of what they were doing up on the stage. It looked pretty perfectly aligned, though, and I hadn’t even realized until some of the colors of the lights showed up differently.
And one last photo where Sia was actually in the center of the stage singing instead of off to the side. I think this one actually happened first, or at least earlier, in the concert, but oh well. 

And those were my pics from the concert! It really was a blast to go to, and Panic! At the Disco is supposed to be there early next year, so fingers crossed that I can get tickets for that one, too.

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