Nekocon 2016 // McDonald’s Overload

Things I love: when cheap food is across from my hotel during a con.

Things I am now sick of: McDonald’s. Jesus Christ.

(Note: Not sick of Jesus, just of McDonald’s.)

The Con

I don’t enjoy this con as much as I do Animazement, even though I pretty much do the same thing during Nekocon that I do during Animazement–dress up, run around, and just basically dick about with my friends. Once again, we were short one member, so that might have made the blow a little harder when it came to having fun at the con, but I still definitely enjoyed myself.

The most fun I had was in Sandplay, and that was probably because all three of us were dressed up in super fancy clothing and basically making asses of ourselves in remote corners of the con, instead of situating ourselves right in the center of the place and trying to get people to notice us.

I was a little disappointed in the merch, though! I mean, honestly, I went into that con with a mission and, even though the anime’s been around for a month or so now, there wasn’t really much Yuri on Ice merch to speak of, but I’m seriously, desperately hoping that, by the time Animazement rolls around, there will be merch left and right for me to spend all of my money on.

(Honestly, it’s a good thing there wasn’t much, since I’m trying to squirrel away for a new laptop.)

The con was also a hindrance to my NaNoWriMo goal, and it did suffer, but I’m okay with that. I’m trying my best to catch up, and I’m not horrifically behind on the goal. Yet, anyway. I’m starting to run a little low on ideas, so I may need to scrounge around for some of those as the month goes on. I’m a third of the way through this, though, and I haven’t yet missed a day of updating my word count, so! I’ll consider that a goal.

The Cosplays

Pretty standard to what I tend to wear now, I didn’t bother making any new ones for this particular con. (That’ll be for Animazement, and I plan on having quite a few cosplays with me to wear.) If you’ve been lurking my Instagram, then you’ve already seen these. 😉

Max Caulfield // Life is Strange


♥ Wig: Arda’s Classic Jane in [CL-072] Light Brown [link], straightened and styled
♥ Shirt: Etsy [link]
♥ Jacket, pants, shoes: Target or Walmart, they’re just your basic clothing, so most anything will work fine.

Sandplay Singing of the Dragon Luka // Vocaloid


♥ Wig: Arda’s Classic Luthien in [CL-011] Bubblegum [link] and their Classic Long Curly Clip in the same color. [link]
♥ Contacts: Super Pinky Blue [review] [link]
♥ Cosplay: All hand-made, so no links to be found here. If you want to know specific parts of the cosplay composition, then I can help you there, just ask!

Casual Fem!Kirk // Star Trek


♥ Wig: Arda’s Classic Benny in [CL-071] Sandy Brown [link]
♥ Contacts: Super Pinky Blue [review] [link]
♥ Cosplay: Mostly things I have just owned over the years, but the boots are recently purchased from Target [link] (I am in love with them, just fyi.) The pin you can find basically anywhere they sell Star Trek merch, but I got mine from ThinkGeek. [link]

Some fun extras …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Loot


As you can see, I didn’t spend a lot of money again. I was trying not to, but with my recent obsession with Yuri on Ice, I was fully prepared to drop some cash. However, hardly anyone had anything for the show, so I got off easy.

♦ Victuuri Heart Pin & Yu(u)ri Piggy Suit Phone Charm [link]
♦ (Super effin’ cool) X-Files patches [link]
♦ Galaxy Pens: gifted to me by my friend Mel (Chloe, Miku, & Spock), because she knows my addiction well

That’s all for this con — onto the next!

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