An Awesome Friday

I wasn’t really planning on doing more of these how-my-day-went things since Blogtober kind of killed the idea for me, but yesterday was such a nice day that I want to get it recorded down so I have it for myself. There won’t be any pictures, those will come in the post that follows this one.

I didn’t have work yesterday, which was why I was able to get all the things done that I did. Like you may know if you’ve been around my blogging for a while is that my library has a book sale twice a year where you can pick up super cheap books that can sometimes be in really good condition. Yesterday was the day of that (so was Thursday, but that’s only if you have a membership to their “friends of” thing–I don’t anymore; and Saturday, which I don’t think I’ll be attending because I got so many good ones already), and I got some seriously good steals. Which puts me in such a good mood, because cheap books that I was going to pay full price for is one of my weaknesses.

That haul post will be coming not long after this one, if you’re interested. 😉  I really did snag some good ones.

Following that, I meandered off with my treasures to the local GameStop to pick up my copy of Pokémon Sun (my sister got Moon, we always get one of each), which might not have been quite as exciting as it was when I was 12 but was still pretty dang exciting because I love Pokémon. A lot. I will be doing a first impressions/thoughts posts on that one, too. I want to get a little farther in the game first, though.

So I played that for a good while after getting home, which hindered my NaNoWriMo goal horrendously, but I’m really stuck in that area anyway and am now in revision mode in an attempt to elaborate on some parts and get more words there. I think I might have a serious scramble on my hands come the last few days, but that will be my punishment. If I don’t win, then I don’t win, but I’m really glad I tried.

And then, later in the day, my dad hit me up and asked me if I wanted to join in a watching of Star Trek: Beyond. This is possibly already extremely obvious about me (and definitely is if you’ve read my About Me), but I am obsessed with Star Trek. Specifically AOS, because it revitalized the fire for me when I started to lose interest in TOS back when I was a kid. I love AOS. The first movie is still my favorite, but the third one has some really nice throwbacks to TOS, so I can’t complain. (The second one also had its charms–yes, I’m talking about the chamber scene reversal–but … it also had a few mess ups. I’m looking at you, Butterdick Cabbagepatch. You’re a great, fantastic actor, but not quite what I was expecting. Heck–I still love the movie, who am I kidding.)

Anyway–books, Pokémon, and then Star Trek? Pretty good day, and I had fun the whole way.

10/10 would relive again.

And, for anyone still here after that mass of rambling, thanks for reading!

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