Trying Out Hair Dyes | N’Rage Twisted Teal

Yup, despite my job not technically allowing unnaturally-colored hair, I took the plunge a week before Winter Break started and went back to green, deciding I’d just wear a wig to work and deal with the consequences of my choices once break was over.

Originally, I had strolled into Sally’s looking for a purple or dark blue dye, thinking I was going to fully bleach my hair again, but somehow managed to change my mind as I was looking at the dyes and decide on a bleach bath + green hair dye. I blame that gorgeous color Directions had given me, so long ago.

However, Directions isn’t sold at Sally’s, so I had to find a substitute. I knew that Ion was iffy, and I wanted something a little longer than Manic Panic’s lifespan (though, I almost bought it anyway just because the color was so pretty in the pot), so I tried a dye I hadn’t before–N’Rage, and I chose the Twisted Teal color.

Fast forward to bleaching my hair, I gave it a bleach bath with a packet of Quick Blue, 30 volume developer (the sensitive scalp version), and shampoo, then slapped it on for a good 45 minutes. My hair came out almost reddish pink instead of orange, which wasn’t surprising, as my hair is not one for bleach and loves being brassy. I didn’t take pictures, because it was 11 at night and nothing I did could get the color correctly on camera, but it was the brassiest I had ever had it, which was to be expected. That’s why I got green dye. We all know how the color wheel works.

Skipping the toner, I slathered on the dye straight from the bottle, using petroleum jelly on my forehead and completely forgetting my ears. (Big mistake–the stain is UNBELIEVABLE, but that means it’s strong! Right?)

Three hours later and I washed it out (yeah, it was late at night at this point, but I didn’t have work the next morning, so) and slept on a towel so it could air dry and not stain my pillows. Tip – this stuff bleeds like you wouldn’t believe when wet. Dry, though? A-OK.

So, how did it turn out? Well, if you’ve checked my Instagram lately, you already know. 😉

… Sorry, shameless shelf-plug over. Moving on.


For some reason, the dye didn’t take as well up at the top there and created a sort go light to dark gradient, despite that not being where my hair was darkest, but I still really enjoy how it came out. The color is SO pretty, and it has a lot more color variant in different lighting. I also still have 3/4ths of a bottle left of the stuff, so touch up will be super easy.

I have yet to wash my hair after the dye job, so I’ll come back at some point with more pictures to show how it holds up, but this is how it looks so far. It’s SUPER SUPER bright in strong sunlight (thanks, Florida), so fair warning to those who don’t want seriously jewel-toned hair in the sun. To those who do, however, try this one!

Thanks for reading!


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