Lush Haul + First Impressions || Never Mind the Ballistics, So White, Autumn Leaf, The Magic of Christmas, & Percup

So, my birthday had passed and I decided to spend it at the Tampa mall, mainly inside the Lush store they had there, but also in a few other stores. Since my birthday is two days before Christmas, this wasn’t my smartest endeavor, as it was absolutely crazy with people still Christmas shopping.

Seriously, the shelves were almost bare and the store was packed, but I managed to get a few things all the same. I’ll just have to plan it a little better come next year, if I decide to go to Lush again.


Never Mind the Ballistics – Probably my favorite scent out of everything I picked up (which is odd, because I don’t like bananas), but the waxy pink top is throwing me off a little. Is that going to melt into oil? I do love when that happens with the other bath bombs, like Lava Lamp and Butterball, so I hope that’s the case with this one, too.

So White – Second favorite, scent-wise. Underwhelming in presentation, but I think that’s because it’s supposed to really show once you use it.

Autumn Leaf – To be honest, I only got this one because of the colors. It looks like it will look SO COOL in the water, and that’s half of the fun for me. We’ll see how it turns out, both scent-wise and execution.

The Magic of Christmas – I actually have no idea how to use this. I really like Lush’s bubble bars, but I’ve always gotten the ones where you just break a piece off from the main hunk and crumble it under the water, so … what do you do with this one? If you’re not using the whole thing, do you still just stick it under the water until you’re satisfied with how much you’ve used, or does that destroy the bar? I’ll have to research some before using it, but it smells nice and it’s glittery, so I’m happy with it so far!

Percup – I’ve never used any of the massage bars before, but they’re a favorite product of a friend of mine, so I decided I might as well go ahead and see what the big deal was about. I went for the one with caffeine in it because, well, coffee is my all. (Okay, not really, but I effin’ love the stuff.) I also do not moisturize as often as I should, mostly because I find it tedious to do, but I’ll give this bar a go and see if I don’t like using it more than your standard body lotion.

I’ll come back with some more opinions once I’ve used each, but that’s what I think of for now! I’m excited to use these, especially the bath bombs. They’re always a lot of fun.

Thanks for reading!


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