Making My 2017 TBR Jar

Oh, the regret. I have so many books stockpiled from too many library book sale splurges, so my TBR is literally an actual crushing mess. In addition to updating my TBR Shelf (which will again be mentioned when I post my 2017 Goals post for the new year), I’ve decided to make a new jar since I’ve not added in any purchased books since I’ve made it and it’s grossly outdated.

I probably won’t use this as your typical TBR jar, since I’m really bad about sticking to reading specific books, but it’ll at least give me a visual of how many books I own and have to read, which might (???) motivate me.


Along with this, my TBR shelf has been fully updated and … is literally the most ridiculous thing I have in my life. How did I get so many books? Almost all of them are either library books I’ve bought over the past six years or books I’ve read before, but at a time when I didn’t know Goodreads was a thing (which means it’s been at least seven years or so since I’ve read them, and they’re due for a re-read), but damn. I might not be planning on reading a lot from it, but that’s just a first goal. It’ll increase as the year goes on (assuming I have time to read as much as I want to).

Look at that beast.

I’ll feel accomplished if I can even make a DENT in it.

Stay tuned to see if I can … and thanks for reading!


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