Bout of Books 18 || Progress Page

Edit: This’ll just be the full update page now, it’s easier that way. I missed most of the challenges due to time constraints, but I want to still keep track of what I read, so!


I have a friend down, she’s distracting me. This is happening. Oops.


My #insixwords post from Twitter:

Reading Progress

Day 1

Pages read: 18

Books read: 0

Day 2

Pages read: 28

Books read: 0

Day 3

Pages read: 34

Books read: 0

Day 4

Pages read: 63

Books read: 0

Day 5

Pages read: 108

Books read: 0

Day 6

Pages read: 307

Books read: 1

Day 7

Pages read: 347

Books read: 1

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