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I’ve decided, months after stopping, to do the occasional book tag again. I unintentionally stopped doing them, and I kind of miss them.

I can’t remember any of the ones I had previously been tagged in, but there are a bunch of book tags in my liked posts, so I’m just picking some off of there to do every so often. The first one up is going to be The Sims tag, which I picked up from Kourtni @Kourtni Reads. Original tag by Hailey @Hailey in Bookland!

I play Sims 4 regularly (and I have a legacy series going ;D ), so I like this tag quite a lot.

The Original Sims – The Best Author Debut


Though I 100% agree with Kourtni’s pick (Ruta Sepetys is an all-time fave, as you know), and there are so many I could pick for this one, I’m going to go with The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton.

The Grim Reaper – Saddest Character Death
(This is kind of a spoiler, in a sense, beware.)


I’ll put it in gray, so you can highlight it to actually see my answer. ⇒ Noah’s death, even though we already knew he was dead by the time we got to this book, is what killed me. Not the death we first find out about, but the way he just fades away from the story outright killed me. I’m not saying it shouldn’t have happened, because there was no way to bring him back and he wasn’t the same boy he was alive as he was as a ghost, but. It killed me. ⇐ Answer is between here.

Sims Getting Stuck – A Character that Just Got in the Way



(Peeniss all the way.) But for real, he annoyed me. A lot. Maybe he didn’t get in the way in the actual story, but ugh.

Simlish – A Book with Amazing Writing


A contender for Best Debut Author, The Night Circus has amazing writing. The imagery you’re given is unbelievable, and that’s the point.

Expansion Packs – A Series Where the Books Keep On Getting Better


Since I’m not going to repeat series or use Harry Potter (because I use Harry Potter for everything), I’m going to go with my favorite of Tamora Pierce’s series, The Immortals Quartet. Such a good series.

Sim Romance – The Worst Case of Insta-Love


… *cough*

Cheats – A Book That Was Entirely Unrealistic


The first books weren’t the problem, but the longer this series went on, the more I found myself going, “How the heck is this still managing to be a thing?” Shepard wrote it in a pretty convincing way and didn’t leave a bunch of plot holes, but jfc. It was unrealistic, even with the time-jump, how much crap those girls could get themselves into.

Needs Fulfilment – A Character Who Made All the Wrong Decisions


I’m going to have to agree with Kourtni’s choice for this one. Tris Prior made all the wrong moves, and while they may have worked out in the end for her (y’know, for the most part), there could have definitely been better ways to go about making those decisions.

Error Code 12 – A Series that Started Off Great but Went Downhill from There


I could go on about this series for days. DAYS. It was so good and had so much potential, and then it hit second-book-slump, and then … ugh.

The Sims Vortex – A Book/Series that Completely Engrossed You


This series. This series. Hnnghghghn I love so much. Even though all six books, it was so good. I need to reread it.

And that ends the tag! I won’t tag anyone because I don’t know who’s still active around their blogs and looking for tags to do, but if you’d like to do it, go on ahead!

Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “The Sims Tag

  1. Oh man the Raven King you’re talking about. I really didn’t care overall how that individual was…..well….unmentioned through way too much of the book. I was not satisfied with their part in it cause it just didn’t feel like their part was there at all? Like they were kinda left to the wayside a little too much & it didn’t feel……satisfying. I can understand how their part had to end, but I’m not a fan of how we got there!!! BAH!!


    1. Can’t disagree at all!! Also can’t rant because I don’t want to spoil, but YEAH that might have been my particular issue with it, and I understand it needed to happen (and I still love the book to bits), but I’m not happy it had to happen. 😦


      1. I didn’t wanna spoil anything either so it took me a minute to really get my comment down. Vague enough so it’s not obvious, but clear enough that it wasn’t confusing if someone already read the book XD


  2. I love your answers! I’m actually really glad to see that you liked The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender because I bought the ebook awhile ago but haven’t really seen that much about it from other bloggers aside from one negative review. D: I completely agree with you on Gale! His character was so annoying and just got more and more frustrating as the series went on.


    1. Thank you!! I found the book myself through PeruseProject on YouTube, and it was a really unique story with such pretty writing. I think it’s a hit or miss type of book, but I adored it, especially once I had gotten to the end. I hope you like it! (Also THANK YOU. Auugh Gale…)


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