#DAReadathon Wrap-Up

This is going to be super quick because I failed all kinds of which ways with this readathon. Not a good way to start the year off.

Books I Read:


I actually really enjoyed this book. I flew through it pretty fast, and thought I had a pretty good start on the readathon once I had gotten through it. Then, I got to my second book…


… Which is really good! But also unfinished. Why did it slow me down so much? This book is dense. It doesn’t look it, which is one of the reasons I picked it up, but the writing is so close together when you open it up. The spacing is horrendous and there’s probably twice as much content on one page than I’d expect thanks to the way it’s formatted. I managed to read about 300 pages (I put 298 on Goodreads because I’m in the middle of a chapter, but it’s actually 304.), but I did not finish the book.

And that’s all I managed to read for this readathon. 😦


  • Each 10 pages you read will earn you 1 House Point.

So, ~300 pages (307, actually) for Girl in translation, and ~300 (304) for Beauty Queens. Added together (611) equals 61 points.

  • Each book you complete will earn you 5 House Points.

I only completed one book, so that brings my total up to 66 points. Ouch.

Name_ Paige_Nova-2

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