Nintendo Book Tag!

Originally by Sam @Sam’s Nonsense! Let’s skip the chitter chatter and get right into the book tag, since that’s what you’re here for. Ready? Good!

1) NES (Nintendo Entertainment System): A Classic you want to read


There are quite a few classics I want to get to, but Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen is probably the one I’m going to pick up next, once I’m in the mood for a classic.

2) SNES (Super Nintendo): A sequel you liked more than the 1st (can be a 2nd book in a series)


Like you couldn’t already guess. The Dream Thieves is my favorite of the series.

3) Nintendo 64: A book that revolutionized the way you look at the world


I don’t quite have a book for this? But Between Shades of Gray helped revolutionize the way I looked at history. All historical fiction does that for me, though.

4) Gamecube: A popular book that did not go over so well with you


Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause. Super popular among many and in my high school group of friends, but I loathed it.

5) Wii: A new favorite book


Yep. Jumping on this bandwagon. I loved it, okay.

6) Nintendo Power: Favorite graphic novel series or a series you want to start


Wires and Nerve by Marissa Meyer! I am STOKED!!!

7) Super Mario: A character that you’d love to squish like a Goomba


I bet you think I’m going to say President Snow (because, for real, fuck that guy), but actually I’m going to say Gale. Sure, he was pretty necessary to the story as a whole at certain points, but ugh. Boy was inappropriate with his reactions at times.

8) Zelda: A newer fantasy that you consider to be a modern classic


Aside from Harry Potter? I’ll have to go with A Song of Ice and Fire. Though, maybe both are already considered modern classics? I don’t know.

9) Samus-Aran: Favorite sci-fi novel or one you want to read


There are so many sci-fi novels that I want to read, but this year I plan on specifically reading Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff.

10) Pokemon: Book editions that you want to collect


I’m not really one for collection multiple additions, but I want all of the Harry Potter ones. All of them.

11) Donkey Kong: A book with original characters


It’s pretty hard to be original nowadays, but I actually have a few options for this one. I decided to go with The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton, because not only are the characters original, but so is the story. It’s very pretty on the inside, too.

12) Nintendo Fandom: Favorite Nintendo game(s) or game you really want

Oh boy. I’ll always be diehard for Pokémon. Animal Crossing. Legend of Zelda. Fire Emblem (though I haven’t had a chance to purchase and play Fates, yet). Bravely Default was a good one. So was Tomodachi Life. I could go on and on.

And that was the Nintendo tag! Feel free to do it if you’d like, I won’t be tagging anyone.

Thanks for reading!


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