Book-Buying Ban? What Book-Buying Ban?

I mean, okay, I didn’t really say I was going to put myself on a book-buying ban this year like I had done the past … two years? Which, of course, I failed horribly and miserably. But I’m pretty sure I told myself to go sparingly on the purchases this year, and I managed to follow that for


a month. Exactly.

I went all of January without buying a single book! And then, in comes February, and suddenly I’m four books in without even trying. I’ll disclose all of the ones I got in my wrap-up, but let’s say I picked up three while at the bookstore and might have just maybe pre-ordered Maggie Stiefvater’s new book, because it’s going to be signed and doodled….

Haha. Whoops?



But! I have read (checks list) FIVE of my books I already own, so I’ve still got one less book than I started the year with!

… I’ll try harder. Really. #BeattheBacklist is helping me want to actually knock out as many books as I can off my shelves, not to mention we actually have a used bookstore nearby now, where I can take the books I don’t want! (To maybe get more books, but, you know. Credit and stuff. I’m trying, okay?)

AND all three books on my currently-reading are books I already own, so it’s going well.

Let’s hope it stays that way.

Life update: over.



Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Book-Buying Ban? What Book-Buying Ban?

      1. Fingers crossed! I did terribly this month as well. I can usually hold off buying books for quite a while but this month I ordered 6 v.v


      2. Six! They must have been extra enticing, which I can’t fault you for at all. Sometimes they just call for you and refuse to hang up.


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