Monthly Recommendations: OTPs

Monthly recommendations is a Goodreads group hosted by Kayla Rayne and Trina @Between Chapters. February’s topic is OTP! And I love a good OTP.

If you’ve been around a bit, you probably already know a good few of mine, but I’ll go ahead and add them anyway, since they’re long-time OTPs anyway.

None of these are intended to be spoilers for their series, since you have no idea if they actually happened if you didn’t read the series, right? 😉

(And I happen to have a fair amount of OTPs for pairings that didn’t happen … such is my life.)

Except Harry Potter, since everyone under the sun probably knows what happened there.

Might as well start this off right and go for…

Harry Potter:



… Yeah, two for Harry Potter. I had the pairing I shipped hardcore but knew wouldn’t happen, and then I had the pairing I shipped far less but knew was more likely to happen. I do like Hinny, though, so. Eh.

The Raven Cycle:


Of course. Because Ronan is my favorite character. However, BONUS BROTP!


A Song of Ice and Fire:

Sansa/The Crown

I just want Sansa to have a good future, okay. I love her. If she can rule alongside Dany as the queen of Westeros while Dany gets Essos. Yes? Please?

The Hunger Games:


Also known as Peeniss. Glorious, ain’t it?

And, an honorary mention of the one I can’t explain at all without spoiling the whole book:



And that’s all I’ll throw in for this one. I could probably include more, but then I’d have to include all the ships, since I had a habit of shipping many crack ships in series whenever I was presented with the ship I was supposed to be shipping (because they were obviously going to end up together) or when presented with a triangle.

Example: Maxon/Aspen, because I was getting so mad at America.

It happens a lot with me, that kind of mental compromise. But, anyway.

Thanks for reading!


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