Weekly Recap || February 25, 2017

New thing, because I feel a reading/blogging slump coming on! If anything, this type of post will just be so I can keep an eye on what I’m doing, and also make myself write down somewhere what it is I read/drank/did/watched/etc. that day. Thanks to Stephanie for the idea! (I knew I had seen the idea somewhere, just couldn’t remember where!)

Fairly simple, but better than nothing!

What I Read:

Spent most of my time this week alternating between City of Fallen Angels (which I finished today!) and Finale. I’m finding myself enjoying Finale more than I had been the rest of the series, which is nice. I’m only about four chapters in, though, so that might change.

What I Drank:


My tea of choice this week was Paromi’s peppermint green tea. I’m a sucker for peppermint, so it’s not hard to please me with one.

What I Watched:

Cheese in the Trap! A friend recommended this one to me, and I’m really enjoying it. I’m on episode 4 so far.

What Else I Did:

I … read a buttload of fanfiction. Also wrote quite a bit of it, but then hit a block. Once I hit a block, I try to read fanfiction from fandoms unrelated to whatever I’m writing (so I don’t accidentally steal ideas) so I can get myself motivated to write again. It works sometimes.

And that’s my week!


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