The Weirdest Bath Bomb I’ve Ever Used || Pacha Shop Vanilla Mint Froth Bomb

No, seriously. I’ve never felt anything like the bath this bath bomb gave me. It was so weird, I feel the need to go out and purchase another just so I can have another go at it.

(Plus, I mean. It smells amazing. That’s also a thing.)

So, the bath bomb in question here is one I picked up from Whole Foods, but is by the brand Pacha Shop and can be found here for purchase from their online shop.



It’s quite a pretty bath bomb, isn’t it? I picked it up for two specific reasons, and one of them was because it was so pretty. The other reason was because it was vanilla mint, and I’m such a massive sucker for mint things. It’s kind of ridiculous, but so are many traits I attribute to myself.

Here’s a tidbit from the website about it:

Invigorating mint gives a cooling sensation to relieve sore muscles. Throw one into a foot soak or bath after a hard workout or long day on your feet!

As someone who’s on their feet a lot for work, that was pretty appealing. It didn’t say that at the time of my purchasing it, but it’s still appealing.

That cooling sensation? They aren’t kidding! This bath bomb not only turned my water super-blue and also mildly glittery, but once I got in, I felt the cooling sensation all over despite my bath water being pretty hot. I take really warm baths, and it was the weirdest thing to sit down in my usually-almost-too-hot bath and feel the warmth but also not feel it? I could tell the warm water was there, but, at the same time, I couldn’t feel it?

I can’t quite put it into words, honestly. This would probably be great for summer, for those of you who don’t live in the eternal boiling hell that is Southwest Florida like I do. And, if you do, then it’s pretty great all year round.

A final thing to note: I would not use this whole thing in one go. I did, and it lasted so long that I think it could be used at least twice if not more by cutting it up. It might not give the same experience, though, but I’m going to give it a try if I can get my hands on another.

I also have two other froth bombs from this company, and I can’t wait to give them a try. If you like bath bombs and also like supporting companies that promote sustainable solutions, I highly recommend this shop. Here’s their About Us page for more information!

Thanks for reading!


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