The Martian by Andy Weir | Review

This review is spoiler-free. And maybe a little ranty. Sorry.


The Martian by Andy Weir
Genres: Science Fiction
Release Date: October 28th 2014 by Broadway Books/Crown/Random House (NY)
Format: Paperback, 387 pages
Rating: ★★★★★
Find it here: Goodreads

I wish there were more books out there like this book. (Are there? Are there??? TELL ME IF THERE ARE. PLEASE.)

So, you probably know, but I’m a huge space nerd. Not really big on the math parts of space (because I seriously suck at math, it’s one of the only reasons I never actively pursued a career in astronomy–I took one class in college and realized that I was definitely not able to math well enough, and the math I was doing barely scratched the surface, so) but literally anything else about space is treasured by yours truly. Naturally, I adored this book. This was so up my alley, I regret not picking it up sooner.

Why didn’t I pick it up sooner? I didn’t actually know what it was about. Then I did. And then I found a copy at my local library’s book sale.

It was meant to be.

Okay, the actual book. Right.

The Martian had the potential to be flat-out science and flat-out boring as shit because of it. However, despite the absolutely awesome portrayal in description of How to Survive Being Stranded on Mars (not spoilers, because does Mark Watney, the protagonist, survive? Won’t tell, but he does try to), Weir makes Mark hilarious.

Do you like Deadpool? I like Deadpool. Mark Watney is basically Deadpool, but in space. And maybe a lot nerdier. And maybe less gore.

But his vein of humor definitely managed to strike me in a very Deadpool-esque way. Maybe not to a perfect T, but I’m not being literal. Mark Watney made the entire story fantastic. I anticipated his humor more than I anticipated the next chapter to see if he was going to die or not. Well, for the most part. I was holding the book two inches from my nose at one point, desperately trying to read and get information on what was going to happen.

The people they quote for the book aren’t kidding, you (probably, anyway) seriously root for Mark every step of the way, hoping something will turn around and he’ll push through, and when something bad happens, you feel the anxiety. Possibly more than Mark himself, which says something about his personality.

I could seriously talk about this book for days if I were allowed spoilers, but I want this to remain spoiler-free, so it won’t be happening here. In fact, I’m going to leave this here before I do spoil something in my excitement.

Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “The Martian by Andy Weir | Review

  1. I started this book 2 days ago, and then put it down a few chapters in. It wasn’t bad. In fact, I really loved Mark. He’s everything you said, hilarious and personable. Someone you want to root for. I just got nervous that it was going to be SO science based. I know that sounds weird, about a book in space, but all the formulas and chemistry talk panicked me. I’m terrible at math and science, and I felt like I just wasn’t “getting” it. Like, maybe as much as I wanted this book to be one for me, it just wouldn’t be because I’d be missing important things. So, I switched books to something else, but I keep feeling like maybe I’m wrong and it once the story gets going it won’t be so many science lessons.

    (Does that make me sound shallow, because I swear I’m not.)


    1. I can fully understand that! They really throw a lot at you, and I can totally see how it could be overwhelming or difficult to “get” right off the bat. There were definitely a few times I was all “Okay, Mark, whatever you say, just effin get going bud.” There will still be a lot of science lessons, a LOT of them, but I feel you don’t absolutely have to understand them to continue on, since Mark’s the astronaut and technically he’s only explaining things because his logs are going to be read by NASA, if they ever recover them. (No spoilers. ;D) He’s very blunt when the science-y stuff works or doesn’t work, so you won’t be lost there. I think it could still be enjoyable, even so! Especially if you’re in it for Mark himself, since the whole story is just “will he live or not?” and you do get your answer.

      That being said, I also understand if it just never ends up being your cuppa. It’s really a very science-y sci-fi book, so it might not appeal with all the science happening. I’m just a massive nerd. :’)

      TL;DR – Science lessons for NASA, Mark’s humor for you. I liked the science lessons, but I’m pretty sure you didn’t need to understand them!

      (Psh no, not at all. We all have our preferences in books!)


      1. It’s one of those books that I can’t bring myself to quit, because I want to love it. I’m sure I’ll go back to it, because I feel like I’d like it.


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