To Be Fair, I’ve Been Writing…

… Just not blog posts.

Yeah, okay, I’m still in that slump that had started last week. I had thought I was over it when Sunday rolled around, and then the following Monday, but then I just … wasn’t.

I mean, I’ve had the energy for other things, but that has not included blog-content, and I’m hoping that’ll right itself before too long. I’d rather not accidentally go on full hiatus, especially since I have been reading. A lot.

(Any potential hiatus will not extend to reviews I owe–don’t worry if you’ve sent me something to review. It’ll still happen.)

I’ve also been writing. A lot. Originally, I had taken out my draft from NaNoWriMo and printed a hard copy for editing purposes and rewriting come Camp NaNo, but then I suddenly felt like writing more of the story. Which I was not about to tell myself I couldn’t do, since I struggle a fair amount with writing my own work. Fair amount meaning I’ve never once finished anything I’ve started of my own.

Fanfiction? Actually, I’ve yet to finish a chapter fic before, but I’m on my way to doing that for the first time. But that’s another story. I write a lot of drabbles when I’m trying to get an idea out of my brain that wouldn’t fit in with my original stories and characters, but would flow fine with others I don’t own. That’s happened a few times recently (read: yesterday), so a lot of writing has been happening.

Just … not regarding blog posts. We’ve only got about a week until the end of the month, so maybe I’ll spark back into it with my wrap-up for the month, but hopefully before.

We’ll see. I’ll still be lurking around.

(Also–work’s been kind of killing me. So that’s a thing.)

Thanks for reading!


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