Weekly Recap || April 1st 2017


What I Read:

Finished up Fire With Fire and started on Burn for Burn, along with Thirteen Reasons Why (for reasons that will be explained in the next section). Unfortunately, I hit a bit of a slump later in the week, but it’s entirely blamed on my wanting to read purely fanfiction.

I go through mood swings, okay. I’m in a fangirling mood right now. It’ll pass.

What I Watched:


I’ve started watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix (which is why I also started reading the book; I haven’t read it since I was in high school), and I’m really enjoying it. There will be a span of posts regarding it coming up, but I probably won’t start posting them until I’m a little farther into making them.


I also watched Doctor Strange, finally! He’s not my favorite Marvel character (that title would belong to the lovely Amazing Spider-Man), and his movie adaptation isn’t my favorite Marvel movie (and that title would belong to the first Avengers movie), but I really enjoyed it all the same.

Other Things I Did:

Nnnooooot much. Read a lot of fanfiction. Worked. Started worked on revising my first draft from NaNoWriMo 2016 for Camp. (Wrote 13 pages from the first 8, woot.)

I expect the coming week to also be kind of boring like this, but who knows. I have to start sewing, so maybe I’ll start doing that this week.


Thanks for reading!


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