13 Reasons Why: Episode 1 || Liveblog + Review

This will contain spoilers. You have been warned.

Essentially, I wanted to do something a little different. I’ve been waiting forever to start watching this Netflix show, because I read the book back in high school (and now can barely remember it, but w/e), and now I essentially want to write down what I think as I watch each episode.

It’s a lot of rambling and a lot of spoilers if you haven’t read the book/watched the series yet, so, seriously. Beware.


  • I only remember basic details about the book, and I kind of remember why Hannah committed suicide, but I’m going in mildly blind on this.
  • I’m with Clay, wildly confused on what’s going on about 80% of the time here.
  • I don’t remember the movie theater part of the book at all, but I like it.
  • Oh boy, package, here we go. I know what that is.
  • Yes, this part was in the trailer, I remember.
  • The trailer gave me chills, btw. Nicely put together.
  • I’m a little bit of a trailer junkie. Probably should mention that.
  • Anyway.
  • I’m only 14 minutes in, but so far I’m really liking the way they went about filming this. I really hope it stays that way.
  • Don’t do that, kids.
  • “No sense of irony in that comment.” Beautiful.
  • Okay but why didn’t he just ask. Did he ask in the book?
  • I don’t think he asked in the book but come on. Make up some excuse. Something. Don’t just take it.
  • So far, this is done so well. Please keep it up.
  • Jesus Christmas. What did I just say about biking in traffic.
  • Clay, you’re a dumbass.
  • Yes. Pls. Listen to ya momma.
  • Whoops I was enraptured for a second and forgot I was doing this.
  • Okay maybe I should have reread the book first.
  • But I’m still really liking this, even if I don’t remember a lot of these things being a thing.
  • Maybe they weren’t a thing.
  • That would be okay, too.
  • Still, after I finish this episode, reread time.
  • Back to the show.
  • Party scene is nice. I don’t remember Kat, period, but I like her.
  • Smooooth move, Hannah.
  • I like Clay.
  • Question, though. The tattoos? I mean it’s been a while since I’ve been in high school, but I don’t recall students being allowed to show them, period, if they had them. Then again, I live in Florida, so maybe it’s different there.
  • I also now work exclusively at elementary schools, so I have no idea what the policy is anymore. I don’t have many (read: any) kids showing up to class with a tattoo. Unless it’s temporary.
  • Aaaaanyway.
  • I like her phone case.
  • The injury was a smart choice, it makes it instantly clear which Clay we’re seeing when.
  • Great dialogue. Jeez.
  • And cinematography, but I think I’ve hinted at my appreciation already.
  • Aaahhh, now it’s coming back to me.
  • Sort of.
  • I can’t imagine being able to sleep a wink with something like that in my hands.
  • I mean, I suffer with sleeping issues anyway, but man.
  • That grey hoodie looks really soft.
  • I have one soft like that.
  • I want his anyway.
  • While the book was a fair emotional trip, seeing it is really wracking me so much more.
  • I guess that means good acting.
  • Good job, actors. Four for you.
  • Good soundtrack, too.
  • Just, good.
  • Oops and there’s the end.

Overall Thoughts

Okay, wow. That was a fantastic way to break in the series. I’m sold on the idea of making it a Netflix series rather than a movie, because this set-up has the potential to be absolutely perfect.

I mean, yes, nothing is perfect. But this has the potential. It’s there.

I am so down for episode two and some more rambling, but, first…

I need to reread the book.

Time to binge!


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