Hey Buds, It’s Thursday!

And I don’t feel like posting a constructive post nor writing out something with any semblance to a good post, so.

You’re getting this.

What is this? Dunno. Me talking.

Actually, me posting some recent photos. Yes.

Recent photos. Tomorrow, you’ll get a 13 Reasons Why live blog (episode 2), but today, you’re getting pictures I’ve taken recently.

(I’m having a weird day, okay. It’s really weird. I just want to post something that’s not one of my drafts, but I’m also too lazy and uncreative right now to make anything.)



Quinn wanted to go outside, but she wasn’t allowed, so she trapped herself behind the curtains to watch.

Harley being cute.

Harley being a lady.

Harley being comfortable in her bed. (Quinn in the background in her bed.)

Sanibel beach! I didn’t put this one on Instagram, but I still like it.

And these super cute cat dishes from Anthropologie, which I took a picture of for a reason I can’t remember.

Sorry for the lack of content, but you know how these days go.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading!


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