13 Reasons Why: Episode 2 || Liveblog + Review

This will contain spoilers. You have been warned.

Okay, well, I’ve started the book at this point (I still own a copy), but I’ve only read to chapter three, which is Cassette 2, Side A.


I’m so much more interested in the show. Like, immensely. I want to watch the show more than I want to read the book right now, so that’s what I’m going to do.

Since both the show and the book seem to correlate, with each episode being a side and each chapter being a side, I’ll try to keep it even by reading a chapter and then watching the corresponding episode. It might not work out fully, but I can already tell that they took a lot of liberties with the show when translating from the book.

Thankfully, I feel like they’re actually really good decisions, considering the media change. I wouldn’t necessarily have changed them in the book, because they work pretty well as they are as a book, but they changes they did make I think were a really good idea due to the change in media.

… Did that make sense? I hope it did.

Anyway, it’s time to liveblog. Dun dun duuuuuun.


  • They’ve really got a disturbingly great handle on these openings.
  • Ouch, that scar’s not looking too fantastic.
  • I guess it’s only been like a day though.
  • Two days?
  • Definitely faster than the book, but I’m a-okay with that.
  • Uh oh, Clay.
  • This is making me kind of hungry.
  • Such product placement.
  • Good shot, but man. Them Beats.
  • Whoops, got lost in the watching again.
  • They changed Side B of the first tape? Maybe for continuity, I’m not sure yet.
  • I just know the second person isn’t the same person they’re now talking about.
  • I don’t know why I’m being vague when I’ve already warned for spoilers.
  • Is it weird I get the students with this counselor here but I also understand where the poor counselor is coming from.
  • Teaching is hard okay
  • she’s trying
  • Counseling is no doubt harder
  • she’s trying.
  • Okay, the name thing was funny.
  • It’s still funny.
  • SEE.
  • Okay pause so I can read chapter three and know wtf I’m missing here.
  • Okay back.
  • I like Alex.
  • I mean I don’t like Alex, but like.
  • I like his aesthetic.
  • Ya feel?
  • Don’t know how he’s going to get away with that nose ring in school but
  • Bet you he will.
  • Yup.
  • That transition
  • did u even try
  • FML…”
  • Buddy pls
  • Oh
  • Alex is gay?
  • Bi?
  • Pan???
  • I’m not going to list them all, okay, he’s something. I think.
  • Does this get revealed later in the book, I can’t remember.
  • I mean, he made that list in the book. What did he do here?
  • Holy hell this makes me want some coffee
  • but it’s like 9:30
  • Uuuughhhh
  • Hmmmm. This doesn’t rule out all of those I said before.
  • Jessica did say something about a boy in leather though so.
  • Whoa. You go Clay.
  • The whole cheer thing is kind of boring.
  • Is this kid in the tapes?
  • I know I’m probably getting annoying asking instead of reading, but, hey.
  • This is my liveblog.
  • This wasn’t in chapter two or three.
  • I do seriously enjoy all these interactive scenes we get with Clay, though.
  • I know they’re not like the book at all, but I really enjoy getting to see more of what’s going on and more action from Clay himself.
  • Dayuuuuum that’s a nice house.
  • I want to walk around that house.
  • Yes. I like this scene with Clay and Tony. I like it a lot.
  • Seeing all the different perspectives instead of just Clay’s is wrecking havoc on my feelings towards this whole thing.
  • They did a good job.
  • So far, anyway.
  • I really like how you find out about the list via her parents instead of the tapes.
  • I can’t words how much I’m enjoying these changes, and, like most bookworms, I tend to loathe when people change things.
  • This, though. This is good.
  • Um, what.
  • I mean, I know the secret, but what.
  • What a way to put that little twist in, damn.
  • Another good song choice.
  • And there’s the end.

Overall Thoughts

I love it. This may be a 13-part feature of me saying how much I’m enjoying this series. I can’t emphasize enough how well I think they managed this story, especially with what they had to work with.

The book is good, and I remember really enjoying the story because of the twists and everything, but the visuals of the show kill it.

Here’s hoping they all go this well.

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why: Episode 2 || Liveblog + Review

  1. I’m really enjoying this. It’s great. Also, I meant to tell you last time that the show will not follow the same order as the book exactly. But that’s all I’ll say cause I don’t want to spoil anything…..


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