Barnes & Noble Book Haul ;)

Sooooo guess who not only broke her no-book-buying rule (saw that one coming, come on), but also had a pretty good reason to!

Yeah. It’s me. Sorry, I work with kids. This is how I roll now.


Anyway. It was teacher appreciation week at Barnes, with 25% off of everything, so, of course, I made use of it, by attempting to hunt down the new Star Trek: Beyond Funko Pops I desperately want. While there, I found some hella good deals on books I wanted to get anyway, so. I caved.

I’ll be better next month! (Warning: tentative promise. Do not accept as a perfect truth.)

Now, here’s what I got:


Unfortunately, they only had Spock in stock! 😦 I’m going to go on a hunt for Kirk and Bones (and then the rest of the crew if I can locate them, but the three are what I’m aiming to have in particular), but, for now, it’s just Spock and Hermione and Draco.


I really enjoy how they took age/height into account when making these. It makes displaying them more satisfying.

Now, the books!


These were on a table with a bunch of other books that were (like the sticker says) buy 2, get the 3rd free. I’d intended to buy all of them at some point in my life, but, since they’re adult books and therefor $16 a pop for a paperback, I never found the justification when I could also just buy a YA paperback that I also want for $6 less. But, now I have them, and onto the TBR shelves they go.

They are: Ready Player One by Earnest Cline; Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel; and The Secret History by Donna Tartt.

Won’t lie, the super high rating The Secret History has offsets me just a little, but I’m still roaring and ready to give it a go. Once I get some other books out of the way.

One other thing I got, which isn’t pictured because I forgot, is the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them vinyl records. Because James Howard is amazing and I’m a sucker for his work.


Anyway, there’s my haul! Until … probably next month, let’s be real. Too many good releases happening, and I have a need.

Well, okay. A want. But whatever.

Thanks for reading!


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