Monthly Recommendations: Big Books

Almost forgot to do this even though I was looking forward to this month’s topic! I hadn’t done March’s because I’m not familiar enough with #OwnVoices books to recommend any, but big books I can do!

I actually have a list on Goodreads where I’m trying to stockpile big YA books for readathons like Tome Topple, just FYI. 😉

Monthly recommendations is a Goodreads group hosted by Kayla Rayne and Trina @Between Chapters. March’s topic is Big Books (500+)!

I’ll skip over the obvious ones, like Harry Potter and A Song of Ice and Fire and The Book Thief… etc., etc. Cool? Cool.


The Lunar Chronicles


By Marissa Meyer. Though the fist book, Cinder, is less than 400 pages, the books that follow in the series are huge. Scarlet is nearly 500 pages and Winter, the last book, tops out at a huge 800+ pages.

I also adore this series, and I’m beyond pumped for Ito’s graphic novel adventures that are to come. (I still have to read Wires & Nerve. Whoops.)

Carry On


No surprise here. I just really love this book by Rainbow Rowell.

The Gone Series


By Michael Grant. These books are HUGE but they read so fast! They’re one of my favorite series ever, and I’m dying to dying to give them a reread.

The Hollow Series


By Jessica Verday. Good series to read during the fall, it’s a twist on the tale of Sleepy Hollow! The first book is the only one that technically qualifies for this list, but it’s still a good series. 😀

And there are my recs for this month. Big books tend to intimidate me, so I don’t read a lot of them,  but these were good imo!

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Monthly Recommendations: Big Books

  1. Oh I loved the Gone series so much too! But those books ARE beasts in size. 😂😂 Still so so worth it eeeep. And Winter was like the size of a small oceanic island omg. I’m glad I read the paperback because the hardback would’ve been killer on the wrists hhaah.


    1. Yes!!! I hardly hear about anyone else who’ve read the series, yet alone loved it. It’s so good though. 😀 I made the mistake of getting Winter digitally because my book was caught up in shipping, and I nearly DIED, THERE WERE SO MANY PAGES. :’D


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