13 Reasons Why: Episode 3 || Liveblog + Review

This will contain spoilers. You have been warned.

Sorry it’s taken me a hot minute to get back to this! I decided to go ahead and read the whole book before continuing on, and I’m having the slowest of reading months this month, so… I ended up not actually reading all of it before continuing this, but I’m on Cassette 4: Side A, so I’m about halfway? Ish? It might not be enough, but I want to give it a try.

But! Less confusion!

(Okay, actually, probably still a lot of confusion. I’m a confused person. It happens.)

I was too impatient to wait until I finished, but I will continue reading the book before I watch all of the episodes.


  • … Whoops, okay, maybe I need to backtrack. Already. Who’s Justin again?
  • Tyler was camera boy
  • Alex was the nosing guy who dated Jessica
  • Tony is good
  • The jerkass at the start of this whole mess.
  • Okay back on track.
  • Did I mention how much I love that we’re not only seeing Clay and Hannah’s sides?
  • Because I really love it. It gives the other characters so much more personality and backstory.
  • I mean, it doesn’t make what they did okay at all, but it does make them human.
  • Wow. Good job on that rich white boy schtick.
  • Clay. Honey.
  • You’re hallucinating. That’s bad!
  • Has he slept yet? I honestly can’t remember but if he hasn’t, then the hallucinating makes a lot more sense.
  • Ah, yes, here’s Alex.
  • So they did switch Alex and Jessica’s parts?
  • It does flow pretty well, from what I remember in the last episode. With the list and such.
  • Still loving that Alex aesthetic. Where’s my emotes when I need them?
  • Jesus. Her poor parents.
  • Oooh whaaaaat?
  • Mama Baker, did you do this in the book? Because if you did, it hasn’t happened yet, and I don’t remember it.
  • Tbh we never had anything like that in my high school, but they were hella strict about that kind of stuff and it was removed pretty much the day after, if anything was done.
  • Hannah gets me. Alex’s hair is awesome.
  • See-through, yes, but awesome.
  • Aw Clay.
  • Gold sticker for you.
  • You try.
  • Oh, Bryce. I just read about him.
  • Great, so he’s a total d-bag, too. According to his bit from Clay.
  • I guess that’s the point, that these people all did things they shouldn’t have.
  • … Okay, it doesn’t excuse Justin’s actions at all, but jfc. Kid’s not had a good life.
  • Show is definitely overshadowing the book in my opinion right now, with what we’re able to see outside of Clay and Hannah’s words and worlds. It gives you a lot more in terms of the characters you only read about in the book.
  • Me as a high school teacher.
  • Alex, holy shit.
  • Cute scene
  • So cute
  • Oh, Clay…
  • You totally screwed that. Wow.
  • Sorry I was completely caught off guard there.
  • I’m cool.
  • Man I want coffee.
  • Why does this keep happening.
  • It’s too late for coffee but I want it.
  • Mm. Clay. I understand where you’re coming from, but Alex knows what’s up.
  • Listen to Alex.
  • He’s a butt but he knows what’s up.
  • Ugh.
  • Um, wait, how old is Clay? Isn’t that alcohol? Isn’t he in high school?
  • Did I miss something? How would his ID help?
  • Or wait were they talking about a fake ID.
  • What the actual fuck is wrong with these guys.
  • Whoops, pause, gym time. I might read some more, too.
  • And back. Read that chapter. I’m on 4B now.
  • P sure you shouldn’t be riding a bike after chugging a huge ass bottle of beer, buddy.
  • What.
  • What?????
  • Well that whole scene made me super uncomfortable. Ugh.
  • The one with Clay and his parents, though Tony’s also applies.
  • Did they seriously not just notice that.
  • Or hear the splash.
  • Like, really.
  • Well, his shoes are ruined.
  • And here’s the end.

Overall Thoughts

I really don’t think there’s anything to be added to this episode that I haven’t already said, because I really do adore the way they’re portraying this. All the parts with the characters? So we’re not only seeing in Clay’s and Hannah’s head? Perfect. Such a good way to handle the adaptation.

Onto the next episode.


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