Weekly Recap || April 22, 2017

Yup, back to completely forgetting to do these. I don’t want to drop them, because they do help me reflect back on my week, but I need to be better about remembering. Yeesh.

What I Read:


NOT MUCH! Such a slump going on right now, but I’m in a myriad of slumps, so I think it’s just me and life having a little battle right now. I’ll swing back into it before long.

I read a little Clockwork Princess, which is going great, honestly. A little Wayfarer, which is kind of boring me and making me appreciate Cassandra Clare’s writing style. And I’m rereading the Harry Potter series with my mom, because she’s never made it past the third book and I’ve had enough. We’re both reading the illustrated editions of the first and second because I own them, but haven’t read them yet. 😉

What I’m Watching:


Still making my way through 13 Reasons Why! I’m technically on episode 6, but I haven’t published my posts for the previous episodes just yet. They’ll be up before long, I’ve just had other things I’ve wanted to post instead.

What Else I’m Doing:

I don’t have a pic of it, but I’m working on my cosplay that needs to be finished by the end of May! Well, technically like two weeks before the end of May, but, knowing me, I’ll be cutting it to the wire.

Aaaand I’ve also given YouTube a go, and I’ve gotten absolutely lovely feedback from a few wonderful people. Thank you so much, if you see this. I can’t tell you how much it eases my nerves about the whole thing. You are awesome. ♥

That’s all for this week! The parentals are calling me to watch The Hobbit, so I’m out of here.

Thanks for reading!


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