Yeeeah I got this stuff at the beginning of the month and made my way through a few of them, only to realize I never made a post about what I got.

At least I can give my opinions on them immediately, since I’ve tried almost all of them?

Yes. Let’s go with that.

… Onto the haul. 😀


Karma is a bubble bar with what I felt was kind of a weird assortment of scents, but I ended up liking it once it was added to the bath! The bubbles weren’t fantastic, like some of the other bars, but that may have been an error on my part, since I eye my measurements when chopping it up.

But! I loved Golden Egg. I think this might have taken the spot of “favorite scent” among Lush products, and that means the fact it’s limited is very upsetting for me. (You know, as upsetting as not being able to get a bath product can be… AKA not very.) Again, I didn’t use the whole thing, because that feels like such a waste to me, but what I did use (about a third of it, I think?) was great. The fact it’s also super glittery is just a massive perk. I love the glittery stuff.


Despite it being Lush’s signature (I think? something like that) bath bomb, I’ve never tried Sex Bomb before … and that hasn’t changed. Whoops! I still need to actually use it, but it smells nice and it’s very pretty, so I’ll probably like it!

Okay, confession time. In my attempt to break up Which Came First? so it could be used multiple times … I completely annihilated it. It’s hard to break! What I did use, though, I really liked! It’s just a crushed mass of a bath bomb, but it still does its job. 😉


And last on the list, I got a new massage bar because I’ve fallen in love with them! (I do wish they lasted longer, though…) The color of Pearl was too much to pass up for me, so I gave it a go, and I’m not disappointed. I like the smell of this one a lot more than I liked my first massage bar, Percup, but I think I’m going to try another one the next time I’m there. (I’m thinking Strawberry Feels Forever, it looks like it smells really nice.)

And that’s what I got from Lush the last time I went! I wish I could go more, because I do really love their products, but a) they’re a little out of my price range to be going more than once every few months, and b) I live too far away from the closest Lush, so I’m not going to make the trip just for that store. That means I don’t get the chance to go very often. Oh well!

Thanks for reading!


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