Weekly Recap || April 29, 2017

Okay, it’s a day late, but in my defense, I’m sick. In April.

Yeah. What. Usually the sicknesses are gone around here by April, but apparently I was lucky enough (read: cursed) to catch something, somewhere.


Expect a bit of a lull in overall activity as I recover, because work is going to suck until this passes.

What I Read:


Well, I haven’t been reading a whole lot, but I read Teeth in a day (pretty much, overnight-into-morning kind of thing) and also a little of Clockwork Princess. Wayfarer isn’t picking up enough for me right now, so I haven’t been reading it. I’m also reading, and am almost finished with, Definitely Dead.

What I watched:



Okay, maybe like four, but that’s only because I was waiting for Markiplier and Jacksepticeye to get theirs out. I can’t play the game myself, but Outlast is one of my favorite games (even though I HATE horror … yeah, I don’t get it either), so I watched a buttload of that. I’ve got one episode of Jack’s left to watch, which I’m going to watch now because I’m sick and can’t do anything else.

What Else I Did:

I went to Disney yesterday, just as the sickness was coming upon me, so I somehow powered through that. It was a boiling 93*, too, which was fun.

I also did the Rainbow Book Tag, which actually was fun. I enjoy book tags.

Yeah I’m tired so I’m gonna pull up Jack’s last Outlast vid and veg out in sickness with some tea.

Thanks for reading!


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