7 Steps to a Comfy Readathon/Reading Day

I’m still sick! So, instead of something that requires me to either speak (YouTube video — though that’ll be coming soon! I have an unhaul that needs unhauling) or think (I’m so brain-dead, just ask my students), I decided to throw together a little diddle on how I go about making sure my readathons are comfortable. Bout of Books starts this weekend, so I figured it was pretty appropriate for the time.

I believe this can be applied to both readathons or your ordinary reading day (or, 24-hour readathons like Dewey’s!), but you do you. I don’t make the rules. 😉


1 – Comfortable Clothes

Yep, simple as that. You might be able to read while you’re wearing your most uncomfortable clothes, but it can’t be much fun! If I’m planning on spending the day/night in a readathon, then you can be sure I’m in a pair of PJ shorts and a t-shirt, most likely with a hoodie thrown over it. That way, once I’m ready to put the book down and head to bed, I’m already good to go in the clothes department!

2 – Your TBR

Maybe you only have one book, or maybe you have seven. Whatever you have, keep it close! If only so you can have a constant reminder of your goal. Personally, I like to flip through more than one book as I go, so I can keep going okay. I’ll read a few chapters of one and then a few of another, unless I’m at a really good part, then I just go go go.

3 – Good Seating

I’m a lump who just does everything in her bed. I know, bad habits, but I don’t really have anywhere else to go if I want a moment’s peace (not unless I want to get dressed and leave the house, anyway), so my reading space is my bed. Maybe one day I’ll have a chair to curl up in, but, for now, it’s just me and my bed.

4 – Blanket

Probably optional, and I throw mine off half of the time (Florida is HOT), but it’s nice to have around, because reading while in a blanket is just ten times more comfortable than not.

5 – Ambience

Some people hate having noise in the background while they read, and I’m typically one of these people, but I love the sound of a crackling fire, so I tend to throw on a white-noise website while I’m reading. Two of my favorites are A Soft Murmur (I use Fire all the way up and then Thunder just a teeny bit, though I don’t really need it right now since it’s thundering all the time here with the rainy season) and Harry Potter Sounds on Ambient-Mixer (Gryffindor common room, in particular, but I also really like A Stormy Night at the Leaky Cauldron).

6 – Drink/Snacks

Usually a good idea for longer readathons, but I tend to not enjoy eating while reading. I do, however, almost always have a drink with me. Usually coffee!

7 – Break Material!

You’ll probably need a break here and there, and that’s where the break material comes in! A video game, your phone, your computer. Something to keep you from reading too much and throwing yourself into a slump. Can’t have that!

And there are my seven steps!

Do you have anything you do that I don’t? Please, let me know!

Maybe I’ll start doing it myself, I could always use more things to throw into my comfy readathons.

4 thoughts on “7 Steps to a Comfy Readathon/Reading Day

  1. Love the idea of having that TBR next to you for motivation. Definitely will try that next time! The only other thing I can think of would kind of fit in the ambience category, and that’s something that smells good 🙂 Having a relaxing candle or diffuser mix helps set the mood for me as well…


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