Do Me a Favor? Vote for a Book!

So I’ve got my TBR down and ready for Bout of Books 19, which starts this Monday, but, once I’m finished with that … I don’t know what to read.

I have a set series I’m reading with a friend (TMI/TID/etc.) and I have my audiobook series I’m working my way through (Uglies series, CL to Pretties), but I need a third book for when I’m waiting for my friend to catch up (she works night shifts and does her reading while I sleep) or can’t listen to my audiobook (they’re on CDs, I don’t own a Walkman, it’s all car time for me). I’m totally stuck on Wayfarer because it’s boring me to death, and, I just.Β Want a little input.

Would you do me a solid, possible stranger, and vote for a book for me?

(Kind of like the #MakeMeRead readathon, except I’m only really looking for a single book out of these options to kick-start me.)

All options chosen from my TBR Shelf, because I need to whittle it down some more.

Thanks!!Β β™₯

(I’ll close this down once BoB is over with.)


8 thoughts on “Do Me a Favor? Vote for a Book!

  1. Nice post. I haven’t read any of the books in your poll but I am currently reading Lux: Beginnings and I’m really enjoying it. So I voted for that one. Good luck


  2. I voted for Eon because I think more peeps should read it. I liked the story more on my second read. It has some faults but it is interesting.


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