Reading Slump Trials: Update

Did it work? Did it not work? Why didn’t it work, if it didn’t?

Kidding, this isn’t class. I’m not in teacher-mode (I’m only a substitute anyway, so my teacher-mode is eehhh), and this isn’t an essay slash questionnaire.

Cutting to the chase, it … kind of worked?

Recap on what I was doing: trying to get through the books on my CR list by reading a chapter of each until I hit a sweet spot, much like I do when trying to read for a readathon. (Speaking of–looking for a new readathon. Know any coming up? Please tell me!)

What ended up happening: I read a chapter each of three books before hitting the sweet spot in Shut Out and finishing the entire thing in one go, then started over again with Inkheart at the start. Inkheart, and the two books that followed, were intended to be the trilogy I was going to read in the month for this challenge … until I realized they were hunkers. Seriously, those things are bigger than they look!

I’m still going to read them, because they were voted for in my poll and I am enjoying the first book anyway, buuuut I am not going to get it all done in a month. Not happening. I’m not capable.

Instead, it turns out I’ll be reading The Ghost and the Goth trilogy instead, which I picked up intended to cruise through at a nice pace with my other books and ended up blowing through the first two books in no time at all.

Soooo that would be why my CR Shelf is still a massive mess. I’m trapped in the third book, Body & Soul. I’m at least halfway through the rest of my books! But … yeah.

My method did work, at least. It just backfired a smidgen on me, because of my own wrong decisions. I’ll return to this method as soon as I’m done with Body & Soul! Stay tuned for another possible update on that.

And, if you have any tips for massive CR Shelves, feel free to throw them at me. I could always use help.

Anyway, thanks for reading!


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