Book Mail for a Friend

So, that friend I’m reading The Shadowhunter Chronicles with? She just had to buy a new bookshelf system because her old one couldn’t hold all the books she’s now reading/has read.

I’m not bragging.

(I’m totally bragging. I love getting people hyped about reading, and she used to love reading so it’s fun to bring her back to that.)


To help her along with filling those new shelves, I’m sending her some book mail! Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare, because we’ll need to read it eventually and because I have a BJ’s membership and therefor got a copy for $13.99. I decided to share that deal.

As for The Help by Kathryn Stockett, she’s seen the movie (I don’t think she’s read the book?) and she loves it, but she doesn’t own a copy of the book. Well, guess who has two copies thanks to used book sales and Goodwill hunting?

Not her!

Okay, but, yes. Also sending that hefty book along with the already-hefty Lord of Shadows. She made me Yuri on Ice-themed shoes, so I owe her big time, and paying back in books is what I handle best.

I’m excited to read more with her! We have so many series we have planned. It’ll take a while to read them all, but it’s a lot more fun with a reading buddy.

And now I’m rambling again. Whoops. Tidbit update, done.

Thanks for reading!


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