#24in48 Wrap-Up

That was a hard readathon! I can’t wait to try again.

This was my first attempt at taking part in #24in48, and I didn’t have a TBR for it since I had so many books on my CR-shelf at the time.

I kept track of everything on my Twitter, and it was a lot of fun seeing everyone else taking part.

Endgame Totals:

Hours read – 7 hours and 30 minutes. (My stopwatch reset sometime after the first hour, so I had one more hour than it shows!)

Pages read – 464

Books completed – 3! I finished Inkheart, All Together Dead, and Pretties!

I did pretty much flop on it, but I finished three books and caught up to my Goodreads goal, so it was 100% worth it to take part in, and I really want to do it again.

Next time, I’ll have to invest in more audiobooks.

Thanks for reading!


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