Top 5 Wednesday | Series That Got Better

Top Five Wednesday is a weekly meme created by GingerReadsLainey and hosted Sam from Thoughts On Tomes over on Goodreads. This week’s topic is top 5 series that got better as it went on.

I actually had a little bit of trouble with this one. I know I can name quite a few series that get worse as they go, but better? Some get better with the second book and the flop on the third, some get worse with the second and then get better with the third (second-book-slump, as it’s called), but just continually get better? That was a challenge.

All the same, here’s what I decided to go with:

5 – A Song of Ice and Fire

game of thrones

Hefty books, but they got better as you got deeper into the story.

4 – The School for Good and Evil

Good and Evil

All three books were really good, but, again, they just got better as you got deeper into the story and learned about Agatha and Sophie’s relationship and history.

3 – The Lunar Chronicles


Okay, yes, Cinder bored me half to death for a little while there. If you started at Cinder and then stopped, I suggest pushing through it, because the story really does pick up big-time.

2 – The Immortals Quartet

Ugh. Just, ugh, this series. I love it so much. So much. You grow up with Daine in this one and her character is just one I loved from the very start. I need to read these again.

Hell, I need to read all of Tamora Pierce’s books again. I should do that.

1 – The Raven Cycle

raven king

I didn’t include Harry Potter, okay. I had to put another absolute favorite in.

That being said … the second book is still my favorite. I’m sorry, I just love Ronan and his relationships with everyone.

I also love Gansey. And Adam. And Blue. And Noah. And. Sorry. Stopping.

And there’s my top 5 for the week!

Thanks for reading 😀


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