Metrocon Bookmark Haul!

My friends think I’m crazy, but that’s nothing new.

So, Metrocon was last weekend, and all of my loot this year was mainly bookmarks. I picked up a few things for friends who live elsewhere and a singular print for myself, but they had SO MANY bookmarks this year that I couldn’t pass them up.

Do you know how hard it is to find bookmarks at these things? Usually, so hard! I was so thrilled I found so many.

I made the mistake of misplacing my bag of business cards that I usually get each time I buy something so I can link back in posts like these, so, at the moment, I won’t have information for all of them! I’ll put it in as soon as possible, though.

Here’s what I got:


Animal crossing! The first one was one of three designs by MED (their store is not up right now, so I linked their tumblr), and the second one is Voltron characters as Animal Crossing characters.


So much Yuri!!! on Ice. I couldn’t pass them up, though. The bottom two are sparkly!


And finally we have Mulder and Scully from X-Files (how awesome is this???), Edea from Bravely Default, Aoba from Dramatical Murder, and Mable & Dipper from Gravity Falls.

Did I need all these bookmarks? Of course not! Was I going to let that stop me? Psh, never.

I have so many bookmarks, but I enjoy it so much.

Bonus: Quinn (seen in all photos because she was upset the attention wasn’t on her) attempting at sabotaging.


Thanks for reading!


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