#TheReadingQuest Sign-up + TBR!

Okay, this was too cool to not do. I don’t care if I’m in a minor slump and school just started back up (meaning I’m working), I’m doing this one. I saw Kelly @Kelly’s Rambles doing it, so I hopped on that wagon fast.

So this awesome reading challenge is by Read at Midnight (with art by Read, Think, Ponder) and starts today (August 13th) and will continue until September 10th, 2017. I’ve linked the sign-up post just there, in the blog name, if you’re interested in joining.

The (totally cool) idea is to pick a class of character …


… follow your set character class quest path on the chart …


… and earn points! I won’t list all of the kinds of points you can get, but the sign-up post will have them all.

I’m not going to do a character card (lazy + no photoshop), soooo …

My Character:

I’m going to go with being a Knight! It was a hard choose between a Mage and a Knight, but I think I could slightly better pick a TBR for Knight than I would for Mage. Each character starts with 10 HP, 10 EXP, and at Level 1.

I’ll be (trying to) keep track of my progress on Twitter. Nvm I made an update page because I was instantly sure I’d only get confused trying to keep track of points on Twitter.



The first book in a series: Red Queen
A book with a verb in its title: To Kill a Mockingbird
A book with a weapon on its cover: The Rose & the Dagger (technically it does okay, those are knife outlines!)
A book with a red cover: The Wrath & the Dawn
A book that has a TV/Movie adaptation: Life of Pi

And there’s my sign-up post and my TBR! Hopefully I can get through these. :’D

Thanks for reading, and let me know if you’ve signed up, too! (Just go ahead and link your sign-up post or something.)


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