Bout of Books 20 TBR + Update Page

So, this is going to be structured much like my Bout of Books 19 update page, because I found that the easiest to do! Also, my TBR is almost exactly the same as my #TheReadingQuest TBR, but that’s because I’m stacking them. There’s no way I can read so many books if I didn’t.


Goal: 1,229 pages

Can I do it?

… Maybe. I’ve been addicted to Skyrim after unearthing my PS3 while cleaning out some things, so. Hopefully?


Pages read: 108

Total Pages Read: 108/1229

Books read: 1

Challenge: #insixwords


Pages read: 44 pages

Total Pages Read: 152/1229

Books read: 1

Challenge: Synopsis Rewrite

I’ll be rewriting the synopsis for City of Bones in Simon’s perspective.

When Simon’s best friend Clary vanishes in a club called Pandemonium–no, the irony is not lost on him–the worst he thinks is that she’s busy hooking up with one of the many more-attractive-than-him guys that frequent the place. The last thing he expects is for her to come back to him telling him she was descended from the blood of angels.

Or whatever these “Shadowhunters” claim to be. Simon thinks there might just be a few things wrong with them, starting with the fact they were likely a cult smoking too many herbs, but then he gets involved in Clary’s race to find her mother and his nightmares come alive. And to think he used to hate blood.

Ironic doesn’t even begin to cover his life anymore.


Pages read: 27 pages

Total Pages Read: 179/1229

Books read: 1

Challenge: Book Spine Rainbow


Pages read: 31 pages

Total Pages Read: 210/1229

Books read: 1

Challenge: Like This? Read This.

Skipped this one, because I had trouble thinking of good recs. :’D


Pages read:  82 pages

Total Pages Read: 292/1229

Books read: 1

Challenge: Leave a Book Review

Nope, sorry! Didn’t have a review.


Pages read: 40 pages

Total Pages Read: 332/1229

Books read: 1

Challenge: Love to Hate!

This was really hard, but I have to say a few characters I love to hate would be Voldemort, Whelk and Piper from The Raven Cycle, and … also Kavinsky from The Raven Cycle.


Pages read:  66 pages

Total Pages Read: 392/1229

Books read: 1

Challenge: Free day

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