New Discovery! Writing Website! (And Comics)

Okay, maybe I’m just late to this party, since the site is actually a few years old, but they only very recently started allowing novels to be uploaded (which is how I found them — I can’t draw comics, which was their original medium showcased), soooo. That’s my excuse.




What is Tapas?

Well, from what I’ve gathered, it’s an app (originally, they’re expanding their desktop features as we speak — we now have coins!) that formerly was primarily for comic artists looking for a place to share their work and receive ad revenue (along with coins, which are Tapas’ currency) in return.

It’s still an app, but they’re very quickly pushing things to cater to those of us who like using a desktop (me) to consume their entertainment. I’ve yet to download the app myself, but I do plan to soon. Probably after I post this, actually.

And — they allow you to post novels now! Think Wattpad, but more basic and with a smaller user base, which, yes, means less exposure, but also less saturation. If you’re like me, who is frankly mildly averse to Wattpad as a whole (I have an account and was planning on one day putting something up there, but then I found this) and would rather start small, then this might be the place for you. You might not get a lot of attention, most of the people who use it are still there for comics, but that might be what you want at first!

It’s what I want at first. I’m not accustomed to writing my own content, so smaller is better, at least for the beginning.

What’s also cool is they also partner with publishers, which means a smaller user base might just be in your favor. 😉

So far, I like it! Haven’t done much just yet, but the interface is pretty easy. My only gripe is possibly the character limit of 15,000 characters, but that hasn’t hindered me just yet. They’ll probably change it by the time I actually have to worry about it.

Already have a Tapas account? Link me! I’m all over this website and I like to see what others are doing.

Thanks for reading!


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