Ah, Yes. Blogtober. (AKA I’m going to HATE myself next month.)

Why am I going to hate myself? Because, a la Blogtober usual, I am going to be posting every single day come October as a way to challenge myself. (Yes, I know NaNoWriMo is coming the month after, and that’s going to be a challenge, but there will be few posts during November as a result, so consider this compensation.)

Starting October 1st, you can expect a post every single day at 10 am EST.

Every. Damn. Day.

I am terrified. I can barely keep up with my self-appointed Monday/Wednesday/Friday spiel. But I am going to try.

(Meaning I’m going to be writing a buttload of posts and queuing them for October.)


  • Book reviews (lots of book reviews)
  • Potential book hauls (I’m trying not to buy, but, it’s me.)
  • Potential book UNHAULS (I really need to do more, I have plenty of books I don’t even really want anymore and I need the space)
  • Video game reviews (mostly older games that I’ve been playing recently, for the nostalgia)
  • Some makeup-related stuff (because I still wear it sometimes and I have opinions on it)
  • A post full of pictures of my cats (because I’ve had one sitting in my drafts as a placeholder for when I send my friends them, and there’s quite a few now, so I might as well share with everyone else)
  • More music
  • Book tags (with people tagged from this post)
  • Top 5 Wednesday (probably, sometimes I don’t want to do the topics)
  • Book recommendations (I mean, probably. I have a couple in my drafts but I’m hesitant on posting them for reasons I’m not even sure of)
  • TV show/movie reviews (including book-to-movie comparisons)
  • Idk more stuff, I have 31 days to fill, guys.

Are you scared? I’m scared. I’m real scared.

Hoo boy.


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