Bookstore Haul :D



It has been a hot minute since I’ve set foot in a Barnes and Noble, so, naturally, upon finding myself back in said bookstore, I was unable to walk out without something in hand. The hardest part was not walking out with all seven books I really wanted to buy. Instead, I picked up four. Restraint!

The two paperbacks I picked up were not the books I was planning on buying when I got into the store, but I saw this cover of the paperback Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys and just … couldn’t. Like, ouch. Big ouch. I couldn’t walk away from that, especially since I don’t own a copy and was thinking about eventually buying the hardcover because I didn’t like the paperback I thought was being put in stores.

Following that was a book I picked up while in line to pay, because it was only $6 and the premise (of the movie, at least) always interested me; The Revenant by Michael Punke. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’m not much of a movie buff, so that’s no surprise.


And then the two hardcovers I picked up: one I can justify (The Dire King by William Ritter) and one I can’t (Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas).

I can justify The Dire King because the Jackaby novels are among my favorite series, so I had to finally buy the last one so I didn’t have to wait forever for a library copy. I can’t justify Tower of Dawn, exactly, because I still haven’t read Throne of Glass or any of the books in the series. I just really wanted the special edition and, well, I plan on reading the series soon! (Soon is a relative term, okay.)

And those are the books I got at the bookstore! Likely not the last haul of the year, but we’ll see how good I can be. 😉


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