Series I Need to Finish || Part 1: The Ones I Own Entirely (Or, at least, mostly.)

I have so many series that I need to finish that I’m legitimately thinking about making the entirety of 2018 the year of trying to catch up and finish series that have been finished since, like, forever. And, since that will likely be my reading goal for that year, I need to actually document what series I need to finish.

As the title says, I’m going to start with series that I own all the books in already (or, mostly, if I’m only missing one), because there’s no real excuse for me not finishing those. Like, at all.

1 – Sookie Stackhouse

Dead to the world

Okay, I’ve actually been making my way through these throughout the whole year, so this one’s not too bad along. There are just so many books in this series. I’m only missing the last one, so I’ll try to finish this one up come 2018.

(Side note: my Mac always tries to autocorrect “Sookie Stackhouse” to “Cookie Steakhouse” for me. Have I said this before? I find it hilarious every time.)

2 – The Maze Runner

The Maze runner

I own all but the fourth one in this series, and the fourth one is a spin-off anyway, so if I don’t like the series, I may not even read it. Regardless, I’ve read the first one (which I may reread), so I need to finish the other two that I own.

3 – Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy

Smoke & Bone

I have owned this series FOREVER and I have yet to actually read the final book in it despite the fact I adore it so much. I need to just reread the whole thing and then dive into the end, honestly.

4 – Inkheart


I read the first one this year, so it’s fresh enough in my mind that I won’t have to go back and reread it in order to remember details for Inkspell/Inkdeath. I think there might be another book coming out in this series, but, for now, I have all the books that are in the original trilogy, so I’ll stick to those.

I think that’s all of them? Pretty sure that’s all of them. I have other duologues that I know I also need to finish, but I’m less concerned with those because it’s only one more book I need to read. Maybe another one of these will be for duologues, we’ll see how I go along!

Have you read any of these yourself? Let me know which you think I should finish first!

Thanks for reading!


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