Mini Media Reviews // Lost, The Mummy, The Bletchley Circle

Whew, this Blogtober thing is killing me, and I’m only one week down!

As I’ve said before, I’m not really much for TV or movies, but I do tend to watch them with my family. Sometimes they’re good and sometimes they’re not, but I’ve decided to throw together a little mini review bit about some of my opinions on my most recent watches, since I need a lot of posts for this month. 😉



I honestly can’t believe it took me so long to actually watch this. I’d obviously heard all about it and how good it was back when it was actually airing, but … I just kind of ignored it, I guess. At one point, I even heard about the ending (though I forgot it). Fast forward seven years later and I’m finally giving it a chance, and I’m shocked at how GOOD it is.

Like, that pilot? Best pilot I think I’ve ever seen. The ending? Not so much, actually kind of abhorred it, but the pilot and the first three-ish seasons were absolutely amazing. Even the following seasons were really damn good, I think they’re just tarnished a tad in my mind because they follow onto that crap ending.

If you’ve never watched Lost and have never given it a chance, maybe just go watch those first two episodes that make up the pilot and then decide if you still don’t want to watch it, because wow. I will probably never shut up about it. I want to go rewatch it all now that I know what’s up, actually.

The Mummy


Fffff where to begin. I love Sofia Boutella, so she was the highlight of this whole movie for me, but. Erg. Not the best movie I’ve seen Universal put out recently. The cinematography was pretty cool and Chris was hilarious, but this felt more like a choppy intro into Universal’s new Dark Universe franchise than an actual movie based on the previous Mummy movies.

It was too all over the place at points for it to feel like the movie itself was just about the title character. Maybe that was the point, though? I don’t know. If it is, though, they probably should have titled it a little differently, since it’s marketed as a The Mummy remake and it really wasn’t that.

The Bletchley Circle


A little hidden gem of a British TV show that I watched with my family, which, disappointingly, only had two seasons and a total of seven episodes. Set seven years after WWII, it features a group of women who had worked as codebreakers during the war and later parted ways to live their lives apart from one another, with their past as a secret from their significant others. The series starts with one of the women, Susan, unhappy with how the police force is handling a recent crime. Because of this, she reaches out to the other three girls she had worked with during the war, Millie, Jean, and Lucy and recruits them to help her solve the crime herself.

Think Sherlock, but with a fully-women crew and without one person being the sole mastermind of the whole endeavor. Also, they’re amateurs at solving crime, so that shows, but they work with one another like a machine, and it’s almost more interesting watching them play off one another to solve the mystery they’ve set themselves to. I wish this had lasted more than two seasons!

And those are some mini reviews for things I’ve watched recently. I’ll likely continue doing these for more shows, since I don’t usually have a lot to say about them.

Thanks for reading!


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