Series I Need to Finish || Part 2: I Own Them All But Haven’t Actually Started Them

I’m doing this one first instead of “Series I Don’t Own All of the Books in” (working title), because there aren’t actually very many of those and I’m struggling to actually find them on my shelves as I write these. It’ll come, but, for now, I’m going to put this one up first.

These are books in finished series only.

1 – Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit

I know. I need to read these. Soon.

2 – Eon


It’s only a duology, but I decided to count it.

3 – Lux


I got these super cheap in bind-ups and, while I HATE the covers, I do like how they sparkle. And how they were cheap. I also hear they’re really good, so. You know.

4 – Alice in Zombieland

alice in Zombieland

Had these for such a long time, I think I even mentioned in a post way back in 2015 about buying them in the first place.

4 – Eyes Like Stars


Fun fact: this is probably the series I’ve owned the longest that I haven’t read yet.

5 – Wicked Lovely


This one’s going to be hard, because I kind of cringe just looking at them. I vaguely recall reading the first two, but I don’t remember anything about them, so I’ll need to go back and reread.

6 – The Testing


I actually hadn’t even realized I owned all of these? I thought there were more books, but, turns out, there are only three, and I own them all.

7 – The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel


I’ve actually read almost ALL of these, but I want to go back and read them again since it’s been forever and a day.

8 – Incarceron


Another duology, but w/e. I kind of remember the first one, but not enough to dive into the second, so it’s back to the beginning I go.

Ngl, I thought I had a lot more of these, but it turns out I just have a lot of standalones.

All the same, this really is a lot considering I haven’t actually read these (or, if I have, it’s been YEARS and I really need to go back and reread whatever it is I had read previously).

Onto the list for 2018 they go!

Thanks for reading!


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