Bit of a Blogtober Update | We’re Almost Done! (Thank GOD.)

Yeah, I’m really starting to struggle with Blogtober, but we’re 23 days into it and the end is coming near. I’ll have a LOT of book reviews coming in the last 8 days, mostly because

I’ve run out of material that’s not book reviews to be posted. It won’t be all book reviews, because I do have some other things I want to get out before November rolls around, but … yeah, mostly reviews coming your way. This is the only chatty-ish post I’m putting out, however, so if you’re not a fan of me just shooting the wind text-wise, then you don’t have to worry about more coming around. This will be the only one!

I’ll admit I’m a little annoyed with myself at how I handled Blogtober thus far — I had so many other plans for posts that I wanted to get out, but I ran so short on time between work and regular life that many of those ideas didn’t have a chance to manifest beyond the first stage. If I decide to take up Blogtober again next year, I’ll have to make sure to plan this all out a lot better. Especially since NaNoWriMo will be following it, and that always obliterates any extra time I have for anything.

Speaking of NaNoWriMo, I’ve said before that I will be participating next year, and I’ll have a post up regarding that before Blogtober ends. I’ve figured out exactly what it is I want to do for it this year, and all will be explained in said post, in addition to the playlist I’ll be using for the month. I’m not doing your standard NaNo, needless to say, but I’ll still be following the basic idea of it all, just in a way I think would be better for my way of writing.

But I’ll get into those details soon enough. For now, there’s this, and then some book reviews, a T5W post, and possibly part three of my series … er, series. Sound good? I hope so.

Hopefully I’ll see you then!

Thanks for reading!

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