The Map by William Ritter | Review

This review is spoiler-free.


The Map by William Ritter
Series: Jackaby #1.5
Genres: Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Fantasy
Release Date: June 15th 2015 by Algonquin Books
Format: eBook, 56 pages
Rating: ★★★★☆
Find it here: Goodreads

Remember how I said in my Dire King review that I was sad it was over? I forgot I hadn’t read The Map. NOW I’m sad that it’s all over.

The Map is a short story/novella (something like that) that takes place between the first novel, Jackaby, and the second, Beastly Bones, and it celebrates Abigail’s birthday while in Jackaby’s home. Of course, since it’s Jackaby that Abigail is at the mercy of, things aren’t going to be even slightly normal, much to Abigail’s displeasure. They end up going on a twisted sort of adventure, filled with questions, curiosities, and giant vegetables.

It’s actually really, really cute if you already enjoy the Jackaby series. I did only give it four stars out of five, but that was more because I felt like some of the scenes were a little rushed than because I didn’t absolutely enjoy every moment I was given with Jackaby and Abigail as they made their way through the adventure Jackaby had wanted to give Abigail for her birthday.

The fact it’s only Jackaby and Abigail on this adventure actually made me enjoy it more than I think I might have had Jenna and Charlie also tagged along, and that might be because one of my favorite aspects of the series itself is the friendship between Abigail and Jackaby, and the way they work with one another. Jackaby is still my favorite character (his quips are hilarious sometimes, especially when he’s talking about Abigail herself), but his relationship with his partner-in-crime are my favorite aspect.

Really, you read this short more for the interactions between the two than for the actual plot behind the story. It does introduce a character you see again in later novels, but I do feel tis is more for people like me, who are simply looking for more of Jackaby and Abigail than they are specific bits of plot.

All in all, I really liked it! Maybe not perfect (again, definitely rushed), but it was still very cute and fun! I hope there are more on the horizon.

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