4 Media-Tracker Websites I Use!

I had some trouble wording that title, can you tell? Ah well. You probably get what I mean.


So, as you no doubt are full aware of, I absolutely love Goodreads. LOVE. For the longest while, it was my favorite website out there (and, honestly, it still is), simply because it helped me remember which books I have and haven’t read yet.

Little did I know, there were other websites out there to help me do exactly the same for other media. So, here we are, my four websites I use to track my various media consumption.



Okay, we all probably use Goodreads at this point. If you’re on my blog, it’s likely for books since they’re the main thing I blog about, and if you’re here for books then I highly doubt you don’t already know about Goodreads.

It’s for books! And it’s absolutely wonderful. ‘Nuff said.

My Anime List


Like watching Anime? Reading manga, maybe, but don’t want to keep track of it on Goodreads? My Anime List is a great place to do it! I don’t know if there are other websites out there where you can track the anime you watch, but I use this one, and it does the job just fine for me. 😉

Track Series


Now, this isn’t the best tracker of the bunch, but I’ve yet to find a decent tracker for TV shows that also has the same array of them that Track Series does. If you happen to know of another, please let me know! But, for now, I’m going to use this one, because it’s pretty decent.



The most recent of my trackers, this one is for movies! I’m still very new to it, so I’m not totally sure how it all works, but I decided to include it on the list anyway since I can use it for movies and I’m not using any of these others to do the same. 😀

And those are four tracks I enjoy using right now! If you have any others you like to use, please share! I’d love to find others to use and compare.

Thanks for reading!


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