Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp || First Impressions

I love Animal Crossing. It’s one of those games I played endlessly first on my GameCube as a kid, then on my DS when it came out there, and so on and so forth. The only one I ever really skipped was Happy Home Designer, and it’s because I wanted Fire Emblem instead and could only get one game at the time, and then just never went back for it.

ANYWAY. Yes. I love Animal Crossing a lot. So when I heard they were making Animal Crossing as an app? I was on that until it came out — and it came out a day early! So I’ve been playing it nonstop since Tuesday, and, well …

It’s very clearly not your standard Animal Crossing game, and I could definitely see myself getting bored of it before long (but I do with most app games, so that could just be me), but in the moment? It’s very cute and fun.

Most activities have a time-based system set to it. The tasks you do for villagers will be reset with the villagers once the “move time” has elapsed and they swap around, the fruit on the trees will grow back after a certain time, creating things (like in the base games) with Cyrus takes a certain amount of time. You can fish and hunt for bugs at will, but they do seem to be harder to find the more you go around looking for them.

Rosie, please don’t eat those butterflies…

For items you can’t find or no longer want, there’s a market place system that can be utilized. There aren’t that many items, so I’m not completely sure how much this will actually be used (I’ve used it a few times myself out of pure laziness or need of fruit), but it has potential.


Sometimes when you help a villager with something, you’ll get a cute little scene with them. There are a bunch, and they’re possibly my favorite part of helping around.

You can also find other players around the areas, and this is how I end up getting friends or browsing markets for items I need.


All in all, it’s a pretty fun game! As I’m typing this, I’m level 20, and I plan to keep going. Here’s my code if you play, please add me!


Thanks for reading!


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