Stranger Things 2 || I Need MORE.

There will be spoilers for the season in here, sorry! I’m far too excited and into the show not to gab my head off.

So, about a month ago Stranger Things released their second season (which my friend and I binged the HECK out of, and then I watched it a second time with my family, who operates slower on TV shows), and, I have to say, I think I loved it even more than I loved the first season, and I L-O-V-E-D the first season.

Yeah, I’m one of those fans. I adore this show endlessly.

Let’s follow with what I did the time I talked about Stranger Things Season One. Cool?

The Setting


As it was last time, I love the setting. 1980s, limited technology, the style of the clothing. Adore it, and it always gives the show a little more struggle since Google is not a thing and, well, shit’s going down.

I even had a moment when Nancy was looking over Steve’s paper and it was hand-written where I was wondering why it wasn’t typed up — and then I realized that hand-written things were still the norm back in the 80s. You didn’t just email your paper away, like you do now.

The Characters

As usual, I loved all of the characters in the main group of kids that we see again. Dustin is still my fave of them all, but Will’s scenes were epic. I’m in awe at how great a minor character from the previous season is possibly the best child actor in the whole thing this time around. Noah did a fantastic job, I can’t get over it.

What’s completely different this time around, though, is who my favorite character is overall. Last season, my favorite character was Dustin, but this season? I was absolutely smitten with Steve through and through. I loved everything about him this season, and the fact he kept getting stuck watching the kids was GREAT.


Apparently this was common consensus. Steve was just the favorite over all this time around, and I think it’s fantastic. More Steve, father of five, next season pls.



I will admit, I didn’t really get the point of Billy. He’s mean, taking his anger out on the wrong people, and his dad is a massive asshole. If he doesn’t get some sort of redemption arc at some point, I’ll be surprised, but I also wouldn’t be opposed to it existing. I love redemption arcs.

And finally, Bob. I personally really loved Bob, especially watching it a second time around knowing what’s going to happen in the endgame of the season. Joyce really picked a good guy up with him.

The Story

I’ll admit I wasn’t really thrilled with the sudden episode away from Hawkins so El/Jane could meet up with her sister Kali, but I do understand it was necessary for what will probably be important in the following seasons. I preferred the story inside Hawkins, with will, to El’s story, even though they both will likely come to the same close since they’re obviously intertwined.


As for the Hawkins story, I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next. I do feel bad for Joyce and Hopper, who have to keep going through these wild mysteries just when they think everything’s going okay, but I can’t wait for the next big thing to blow up so we can see where the story’s going to go next.

Bring on season 3!


6 thoughts on “Stranger Things 2 || I Need MORE.

  1. Like you, I absolutely LOVED this season, and Steve was by far my absolute favorite character. He would make an amazing dad! As for Billy, I think they wanted to bring in a human antihero to stir things up in the real world, but I also read that the creators wanted Steve to be that role. When Steve got such a huge fan-favorite following, they knew being a bad guy wasn’t in the cards for him. So they gave that role to someone new. Great post!

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    1. I had heard that when I was looking up some deets on Billy, and it makes sense! I think I was more confused about how his end came about for the season, but didn’t want to go too far in-depth since that’s bigger spoilers. 😉 SO glad Steve wasn’t the character he was initially intended to be, I’d rather Billy keep that role. Thank you so much!!

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  2. The vibe of this show is super enjoyable. I think Season 2 showed that the producers understood what works and didn’t go too far away from the formula, except for episode 7 which was different. The acting from the kids continues be really good. I also liked Eleven’s relationship with Hopper. I didn’t like how Nancy treated Steve but she was nice to Dustin at the dance. Looking forward to Season 3! Nice post.

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    1. Very true, and good points! I also didn’t like how Nancy treated Steve, but I feel like it was a sort of retribution for how he treated her in the first season. Not to say that’s how it should go, but maybe people wanted her with Jonathan instead and got that, and now we’re stuck with your typical love triangle. (Like we didn’t already get a hint of two more already this season, but one will never be now and the other, well, could maybe still happen, I guess.) Thank you!

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