I Lowered My Reading Goal on Goodreads… (+ the books I plan on reading)

… to 70 books instead of 75!

sheepish grin gif

I just don’t have the time to cram enough books into the rest of the year to meet the goal! This will mess with my whole goal thing I had created at the beginning of the year, but eh. I got close, and I was not expecting my year to be as hectic as it ended up being.

So, as it sits now, I’m at 66/70 books for my goal, so I only need to read four more to reach it. Three of which are already on my currently-reading shelf and plan to be finished by the end of the year, sooo…

I’ll be taking these three with me when I leave this Thursday for my trip to Virginia, so they’ll be finished pretty easily (we’re driving instead of flying because we’re going up to work on the house we have there and need to bring materials) with how long I’ll have to read them, and as for the fourth book … haven’t decided yet! Possibly The King of Attolia, but we’ll see what I’m feeling when the time comes.

(Will I bump it back up? Maybe! Depends on how my reading goes on this trip, but for now it’s going to stay at 70. Just makes it easier for me.)

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “I Lowered My Reading Goal on Goodreads… (+ the books I plan on reading)

  1. This post makes me feel better about not meeting my goal. I tried but I think I went a little nutts when I thought I could 50 while moving, starting a new job and taking care of my mom through cancer treatments. I’m at 27 books but I think I’ll restart my 50 goal in 2018. Will you try for 75 again?

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    1. Whoa, sounds like you had one heck of a lot going on! Very understandable that you didn’t have as much time for your goal. 27 is still a lot, considering! I think I will go for 75 again come 2018, mostly in an attempt to gear myself up (since I did get pretty close this year), but I’m going to allow myself some leeway in case I pull the same thing I did this year. Might as well try! ;D

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