It’s Been a Bit Chilly Lately…

Lots of cold fronts on the Florida plains lately, so we’ve had to bundle up a little warmer for the weather. I’m not complaining about it … much. I know it’s much, much colder in the northern states, but when you’re not used to it, it hits you like a freight train and getting up in the morning to it sucks.

But, hey, I have some cute clothes I can wear that I can’t normally. That’s a plus.


Sweater: Target || Jeans: Polo Ralph Lauren || Shoes: Converse

In other news, I have made a grave error in my reading schedule. I was not expecting to be swamped with work this month since it’s rare teachers take off so soon after the quarter starts back up, but, alas, here I am. Swamped. Getting paid! But with significantly less free time than expected.

I am reading like a speed demon, let me tell you. I’m actually kind of hating it, too. I’m understanding everything going on, and it’s not really speed reading since I’m not actually reading faster than usual, I’m just skipping watching TV and stuff in favor of reading, but I can feel myself falling into the slump. This isn’t fun.

Which means I’ll be pulling back on accepting reviews from here on out, because this just sucks. I want to enjoy reading, and this isn’t how to go about it.

What can you do.

I’ve also been thinking about pulling together some things for a giveaway, since I haven’t done that in a while. I’m not sure if I want to set a milestone or just do it, but I’ll figure it out when the time comes. (Possibly might just do it when I hit 100 followers on here again, that seems like a decent milestone.)



4 thoughts on “It’s Been a Bit Chilly Lately…

  1. I feel like I have been living in jumpers for way too long! I am ready for spring. Then, seasons are not really that much of a thing in FL, are they? My sister-in-law lived their for years and said she really missed seasons 🙂 Not sure I woud miss cold grey wet miserable winters… Don’t beat yourself up about the reading – it’s only reading! (I say as I stare at the pile I still have to read for review)

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    1. You’re right, we don’t have seasons here! Unless you could flu season and allergy season. 😂 I never thought I’d miss the cold, but I do! Though that would probably changed as soon as I had to spend too many years with it… 😅

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      1. LOL! The one thing about seasons I guess, is that after such an awful wet windy winter as this one I am going to appreciate spring and summer all the more!

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