#24in48 Wrap-Up!

I did better than last time! Still didn’t hit the 24-hour goal (I went to Disney… 😀 which will be a post later), but I managed to get more hours in than I had the last time I participated. And I got quite a lot of reading done, so that’s nice!

Final Hour Count: 

Last time I only got 6 hours in!

Final Page Count: 224 (Princess of the midnight Ball) + 320 (Inkspell) = 524 pages

… This is a rough estimation because I listened to an audiobook of Inkspell for the majority of the readathon, so I’m using the book as a reference.

And with that, I’m now almost completely done with Princess of the Midnight Call and well over halfway done with Inkspell. I’m happy with it!

Thanks for reading!


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